The Ocean Promises

I know it was ephemeral.
As the wind passed by so violently,
Letting her raven hair flow with it
The rolling of the waves, crashed and retreated, to the warmth of the sand.

I know it was ephemeral,
The burning sun in the horizon seems so far and distant.
The ocean crying of its woes and dreams to the sky.

I know it was ephemeral.
The ocean’s melodies seems so eternal, but it dissipates as it washes away.
Enchanting and beautiful, but they were not hers.

I know it was ephemeral.
Her silver-gilded sword shining brightly, strong and honorable.
Her strength encompassing her virtue in the armor of life.

I know it was ephemeral.
The promises of the ocean were inviting.
The warrior loved it, but it was not for her taking.

I know it was ephemeral.
Fighting for a battle you can’t win.
A proud warrior lose in her defeat.

I know it was eternal.
The warrior and the promises of the ocean.


Dear Future Husband

I love you.

Dear Future Husband

I’m looking across from our dinner table to the small garden we have. I’m sitting here quietly beside the windows, and contemplating how beautiful the world our God created. The light that bathes the trees, the grass, the flowers, is intrepid and bold. I wish I could be more like that. I want to be more like the light. Not the kind that explodes or attracts attention, something more of a quiet strength. A light that gives warmth, encouragement, and hope. A light like our Jesus.

It would be a pleasant thought if every day I could be more like Him. Thinking that I’ll be more like my Master gives a good kind of shiver in my spine. Kinikilig. Lol. With me being in love with Him, I’ll be able to see you and be with you. I really want God to be our foundation so every opportunity, every breath I have, I want to able to pursue him first. He’s a pivotal figure in my life, and will always be, now and forever.

For now, you’re like the least priority in my life. Lol. Don’t be sad about this. You’re still on the list, only at the bottom. I just want to be with God for now. Enjoy my freedom with godliness and spend time with my family and church. We’ ll have all the time in the world once you have me. You’ll see me every day, every time once we’re at the point. You’ll get sick of me. Just kidding. XD

That’s why for now, let’s enjoy our relationship with God. Let’s be deeply in love with Him.

But don’t worry, you’ll still have me. Till we meet, my love

Dear Future Husband

How are you? I hope you’re smiling. I hope you’re enjoying your relationship with God. I don’t why but I already feel so proud of you. I know God is doing a marvelous work in your life. You’ll be a masterpiece! I hope I am prepared enough to meet you. I don’t want to fall short in our relationship. I need to work harder for you. I might not know where you are or what you’re doing. I might already have met you or maybe not. I’m not entirely sure of our meetings. But I am rest assured that you’ll be there in the perfect timing. Gosh! I already want to see you this badly. Lol. God give me patience.

I just want to tell you know that I am in love with you. No amount of words can truly explain how much I feel for you. If I could write a dozens of poems or even write an entire novel for you, it might not truly explain the intensity of what I feel. I’ll be saving this affection for you and only for you. Sometimes, I’m afraid I might be loving you too much but I’ll be trusting God with my emotions. I know He will guard my heart and you too will be protecting me.

I wish I could count the days till I meet you, but I can’t. Hopefully, it’s getting nearer than I expected it to be. 

You’ll have my heart. I love you.

Dear Future Husband

I apologize. I feel like I’m getting further from you. I might not be getting better. There are still a lot of things that I need to work out within myself and my life. I don’t want to meet you like this. I don’t want to drag you down in our journey of faith.

I just saw “War Room”, a couple of days ago. It inspired me to become a better woman of God. Not just for you, but for God, first and foremost. I know He’s gonna use you mightily! That’s why, I want to be your best supporter. I can’t burden you if I am a little of faith. I don’t want to delay God’s plan for your life. I want to be your Proverbs 31 woman.

I need to run this race. I have to run this race with you. I might not know where you at but I am sure you are trying your best.

I’ll cheer for you! I’ll support you! I’ll pray for you! I love you.

Till we meet, my love. Mizpah

Dear Future Husband

I won’t give up! I won’t run away. I am a pure and raw gold that needs to pass the fire to test her genuinity. I need to be refined. I will overcome my circumstances.

If I don’t, I won’t be able to meet the people I am destined to meet in the future. I also won’t be able to meet you…

Therefore, I can’t dwell in my weaknesses and failure. I have to translate myself from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light more and more each day. I have to look at God only. From there I will gain my strength.

If it’s taking longer for us to meet or be together, it just means that God is still polishing matters and individuality. That is why, love, wait for OUR TIME. It will happen. The wheels of our fate is already moving. It is just the matter of time before everything is in complete order.

Until we meet, I am preparing myself for you.

Dear Future Husband

I just watched this movie “The Theory of Everything”. While I was in the rising climax of the story, my younger sister just spoiled me that they’ll eventually divorce and find new partners-in-life. That just bursted my bubble and ruined my fairytale-like happy ending. I was really hoping that they would stay together as a couple, through thick and thin, through sickness and health, through everything that may come their way. I guess not. I kind of feel guilty because I imposed my ideals in them.

And then I thought about “us”. Will we be able to consistently honor our vows of marriage? Will we be able to sustain that forever? Of course not! It entirely bunkers! But I am rest assured that God will sustain our forever. I trust in God that He would carry us through.

It hards to say what’s going to happen in the future. From my experience, what lies ahead cannot be underestimated. That is why…

Even if a lot of things or maybe everything would fall apart, I want you to put your trust in God most of the time, not on me. I will fail you. Of course, you and I will do the same. Therefore, I will put all of my trust in God.

I want you to love God more than me. I am certain, you will do it. But as your spouse and partner-in-life, I have to constantly remind you about your most important relationship with God.

We will love God then we will be able to love each other deeply, then everything follows through.

Rest assured, I love you.

Dear Future Husband

The sky I am seeing right now is creamy and cotton candied. Are you seeing the same sky? I hope you do. It’s too breathe-taking that’s why I want you to have a glimpse of it. Knowing we’re looking at the same sky makes me feel a little bit connected.

What are you thinking? Of course, I won’t know for now. Right now, in this moment, everything about you is a mystery. Everything about you is hidden in a cloud of mist. Of course, the same thing is for me too. You don’t know about me. We don’t know anything about each other.

But I know we are praying for each other. From this, we have the strongest bond ever! Our foundation is laid in God’s. That’s why I feel very sure of you even if we don’t know anything. Our assurance is in our Father whom we trust so much.

We will always find our way together in God. I’m not afraid at all. I know you’re there. Somewhere, far or near, you are there, my love!

Don’t worry. Until we meet, I am so in love with you.

Dear Future Husband

How are you doing?
I’m in San Francisco right now, traveling with family. I’m inside the car, contemplating. I’m a little bit tired but I paused and prayed for you. I am hoping you’re in good health. I am hoping you’re happy.

I was thinking what kind of field of study you’re pursuing right now. LOL. I’ll be taking something in the medical field, praying to be a doctor. We may not be in the same congruent line of work, but I am assured you’re doing this for God. It would be exciting to learn new things from you. I can’t wait to hear your stories. I can’t wait to hear your voice.

I hope you’re here right now. I want to travel the whole world with you. I want to be with you. Sorry, I’m being a bit impatient. I should put my emotions to God. But at least, let me put my affections into writing so when we meet, I’ll remember that I was so eager to meet you.

I don’t want to pretend that I’m not yearning for you, when I am. I do want to meet you so badly. I pray each night that tomorrow is our time. Surely, It will happen.

Until then, I love you.

Dear Future Husband

Hey, I just want to let you know that I’m preparing myself for you. I am making myself worthy for you. And I know It’s not God’s timing yet for us to meet and be together. It might take a while or it could be tomorrow. Honestly, I do not know. But one thing I’m very sure of is that God’s timing is impeccable and perfect. And we will meet someday.

While I am waiting, I’ll be focusing myself on God and doing His ministry mightily. I don’t want to lose this chance to grow more into Him. I won’t be looking for you because I do not need to. I only need to look at God and from there everything will come to a point. Because If I love God first and foremost, I will be able to love everything He loves as well. I will be able to love you, passionately and deeply.

That’s why I will control my emotions. I won’t do anything. I won’t say anything. I will not ruin our moment until God permits. This is my way of loving you. I’ll be patient until both of us are ready.

My prayers may reach you. I hope you are eating and sleeping well. I hope you are doing good in your studies and your career. I hope you are comforted and secured. I hope you are smiling. I hope you are so in love with God right now.

Until we meet, I love you.

Rosette Artemis

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